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As the SWAT Commander for a large metropolitan team, continual training for our members is always a top priority. There are many companies/instructors out there that just regurgitate what they have been taught, with very little to no real world experience. This is not the case with Rob Trivino/Evergreen Mountain. A year ago we contracted with Evergreen Mountain for CQB and advanced sniper courses. Rob was able to tailor both courses for us and it was some of the best training I have taken. We brought Rob Trivino back for his leadership seminar and tactical team leader's course. Rob is able to take the lessons learned, backed with principle based tactics, to help drive the planning process for any type of operation. Rob hits hard the after action step by step, from the planning phase to the execution, so your officers can do a REALISTIC self-assessment of the team's actions during that operation. In times where budgets are tight and the market is flooded with companies who make claims that fall short, Rob Trivino/Evergreen Mountain produces the results. I would recommend Evergreen Mountain for tactical teams and patrol

-Lt. Tom Sellas SWAT Commander
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept

"My unit has had the pleasure of receiving Rob Trivino's instruction on four separate occasions. We have brought him for instruction on subjects ranging from Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Sniper employment and marksmanship, Leadership, Mission planning as well as Reconnaissance in several environments. We have yet to find a category where Rob is not able to give world class instruction and advice. From simple tasks to the most complex, Rob's ability to teach to any level has transformed all of the training we provide at our courses. The positive benefits of which are spreading across the entire Marine Corps Reconnaissance community. There was virtually nothing Rob covered that wasn't grounded in and drawn from his huge reservoir of real world experience. When Rob tells you something works, you can bet that it has."

-Gunnery Sergeant Mulder, Lead
Lead Instructor MRF R&S/Sniper Course
Camp Hansen, Okinawa Japan

"Our organization contracted Rob to help us establish a standardized marksmanship sustainment program that would allow us to train joint active duty, government civilians, and contractors. At a time when the training market is saturated with "theoretical" experts it is refreshing to receive instruction from someone who can clearly articulate where theory and reality diverge; articulation based on extensive real world experience. Rob's knowledge is as deep as it is wide-from basic infantry skills to advanced special operations techniques; from close quarter's battle drills with a pistol to long range interdiction with a sniper rifle Rob is capable of teaching and coaching all of it. We definitely plan on continuing our relationship with Rob and Evergreen Mountain."

-MSG White
US Army

"Members of my team and I recently attended a five day CQB class taught by Rob Trivino. The training Rob offered was outstanding. Rob taught practical CQB based on his battle field lessons learned. Rob hit on individual specifics as well as developing team cohesion to get the job done. I was amazed how approachable and willing Rob was to share information during or after class. I walked away with new knowledge and information that I will take back to my team."

-Mike Paxson
Chicago Police SWAT

"Our team asked Evergreen Mountain to provide us with training in CQB and Advanced Sniper, and we could not have been more pleased with the results. The instructors, Randy Williams and Kenan Flasowski, were peerless in terms of expertise, credibility and presentation. In addition, Rob was extremely patient and flexible as we worked through some logistics and scheduling issues. I would encourage any law enforcement tactical team looking for world-class instruction to contact Rob."

-Robert A. Stradling
Sergeant Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

"Our SWAT Team contracted with Rob Trivino on conducting a train the trainer program for our newly acquired night vision goggles (NVG's) / IR illuminators and a Tactical Team Leaders course. These courses were specifically tailored to a law enforcement environment. Rob's knowledge, skills and abilities in night time tactical operations benefitted each students learning process. Additionally, his Tactical Team Leaders course improved our leadership's troop leading skills and streamlined our SWAT Teams mission planning and briefing process. I look forward to attending more training from Rob Trivino / Evergreen Mountain in the future."

-Andrew Cuomo
Team Leader
Chicago Police Department SWAT

Our team recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Rob Trivino/Evergreen Mountain LLC. Rob put together a 4 day firearms, CQB and Leadership course specifically tailored to our team's specific needs. Rob hit on individual specifics as well as developing team cohesion. Rob's knowledge and skills showed with his ability to teach new and experience operators at the same pace while at the same time, leaving no one in the dark. Watching Rob conduct firearms training was a humbling experience, however it taught me more as a shooter than I'd ever thought I could learn.
Rob's skills and knowledge in Tactical Planning and Leadership has improved our Team Leader's leading skills and paved the way for SOP's to be put in writing. Rob's passion for teaching was uncharacteristic to any other instructor I've experienced; Rob understands what it's like to lose a friend on the battlefield, he taught us as a true friend that he wanted to bring home safely. I would recommend Rob Trivino/Evergreen Mountain to any team looking for training that has come from years of real world experience. Hands down the best training I've ever attended and I look forward to training with Rob again.

-Jerami Summers
Greenfield Police Department, IN

My contact with Mr. Trivino occurred while I was attending the Midwest Tactical Officer's Association 2013 Training Expo. Mr. Trivino, a former Tier 1 Army Special Operations operator gave a debrief on lessons learned from engagements in Iraq. As a retired Sergeant Major he was responsible for a set number of operators. The civilian counterpart would be a large full time SWAT Team Commander. His debrief was an honest and thought provoking analysis of tactical engagements searching for Al Qaeda terrorist. In the manner of a quiet professional he identified his successes and his failures. It was a very professional presentation and he was approachable and cogent with his analysis. The most striking point that came across to me was his emphasis on quality leadership, something the law enforcement profession can benefit greatly from.
The following day, Rob conducted a condensed version of his Rural Tactics Course for Law Enforcement. I recognized the core competencies of the course as they are taught to infantry soldiers. I felt this is critical because many agencies are rural jurisdictions and there has not been attention given to active threats in rural austere environments. For example the most recent event was the LAPD manhunt for one of their own. The course gave a basic understanding of conducting these types of operations. Many LEOs do not have a military background and so there is a need. While giving this block of instruction, he also returned to themes concerning leadership, and thinking through field problems rather than reacting to a stimulus. This demonstrates the highest form of training unconscious competence.
In closing, I would highly recommend Mr. Trivino's blocks of instruction. His instruction is valid for smaller agencies as well as larger ones. What is most striking is his command presence as a quiet professional who is approachable with a vast array of knowledge to share. My letter was written in appreciation for his service and the knowledge he passed on.

-Michael J Gorham
Deputy Sheriff/OIC
Lafayette County Sheriff's Office (WI)

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